Welcome to PowerWrap, we manufacture a unique system for converting a balewrapper into stand alone unit.

Instead of using the conventional bale wrapping system of tying up a large hp tractor for wrapping at the stack, PowerWrap’s solution is to fit a purpose built unit comprising a small but powerful diesel engine and hydraulic drive system to the bale wrapper itself.

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Massive fuel and labour savings with PowerWrap

PowerWrap PW 176 as used by Bryce McCririck

In April 2008 Bryce McCririck and Sons, farmers and contractors from Whitmuirhaugh near Kelso bought a D.A.Lupton, PowerWrap bolt on hydraulic power pack for their McHale bale wrapper. Charlie McCririck summarises his findings:

A tractor on the wrapper used 45 litres of diesel a day, the PowerWrap used 8 litres.
It cuts out one tractor totally. One man/tractor or loader can now take the self
contained wrapper either on a trailer or on the linkage away to a job, he does not need bringing home to fetch the wrapper or loader as well to and from the job-saving again on labour and lot of hassle!

It is an extremely well thought out effective and above all simple piece of kit.

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powerwrap system   powerwrap system
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