PowerWrap manufacture a unique system for converting a balewrapper into stand alone unit.

Instead of using the conventional bale wrapping system of tying up a large hp tractor for wrapping at the stack, PowerWrap’s solution is to fit a purpose built unit comprising a small but powerful diesel engine and hydraulic drive system to the bale wrapper itself.

The whole operation is a true ‘One-Man-System’, it means that there is no need to tie-up a large hp tractor for wrapping that uses more fuel and doesn't really like to be idling for long periods.
One-man to site, wrap and move on. With most modern wrappers having remote control as standard, all the operations can be handled from the tractor cab.



PowerWrap has worked very closely over the years with leading bale wrapper manufacturer McHale helping to test and develop the PowerWrap units. The range is now divided into three distinct categories that include Contractor, Farmer, Mini, and various mounting options.

PowerWrap have many units working out in the field by Contractors, Farmers and haylage producers. Many PowerWrap customers have found significant savings both in time and money by changing over to this new system.

The range is always expanding to be compatible with most major balewrapper brands.

If you would like a PowerWrap unit to suit your present wrapper or are planning to upgrade to a new balewrapper but would like to use a PowerWrap system please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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